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Welcome to SBECS Ltd

SBECS Ltd provides a host of services across both public and private sector organisations, specialising in Continuous Improvement, Business Improvement, Change Management, Process Mapping & Modelling, Business Investigation and End-User Integration advice.

Alongside these services, we provide training, tutoring and coaching services in each of the areas above, as well as many others.

Whatever your improvement needs, SBECS Ltd aims to assist in a cost effective, professional manner, with a package tailored to your requirements and expectations.

Consultancy that breaks from tradition . Historically, consultants will come in to a business for a short period, make lots of recommendations, and then leave to their next contract. At SBECS Ltd, we like to be different. We will charge a lower rate for consultancy, but will come in and become embedded in your organisation, being able to see change through from start to finish. It doesn’t have to be a full time arrangement, we can send a “Change Envoy” in just a few days a week, after the initial fact gathering, and they will help keep your change programme on track.

Please have a browse through our pages, contact us using the contact page.

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