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Process Mapping & Modelling

Everything that is done in any organisation, regardless of whether it is making a product, offering a service, or selling 3rd party goods, is done within processes. These processes often evolve during the life of the organisation, passed from one operative to another and never documented.

Worse still is when a process IS documented, but has changed and evolved so much since the documentation was created, that the reality no longer bears any resemblance to what managers think is going on. (Fuel for the common “them and us” mentality in many organisations)

Having an accurate map of your true “As-Is” processes allows for a better picture of what is going on in your organisation. This is used as a road map to identify areas of waste, inefficiency or “broken process”

SBECS Ltd will fully map out your organisation and then develop a “To-Be” model, the destination that you want to achieve, that includes the removal of waste, ensures that staff are working to open and transparent processes, and in turn this increases productivity and efficiency

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