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Yacht & Small Craft Surveys

Owning a boat is supposed to be relaxing, fun and worry free. The reality is that there are lots of things that can cause stress when owning a boat, starting with the initial purchase. Whether you are spending a few hundred pounds or hundreds of thousands, you want peace of mind that you are buying a vessel that will last, is safe for you and your family, is worth the money, and will not give you any nasty surprises in the months or years to come.


A Pre-Purchase survey (similar in concept to the survey you have before buying a house) will provide you with that peace of mind - it may even be a requirement of any financing and/or insurance that you have such a survey completed. 


You may require a survey for a boat you have owned for many years, in order to update your insurance.


Sometimes things do go wrong, and if you are involved in any kind of incident afloat, whether you are on-board at the time or not, post-incident investigation surveys can also be completed.


These are just a sample of some of the most common types of survey we complete. 


Every survey we complete, will provide you with a detailed, professional report, printed and bound, as well as a .pdf version sent to you. Our rates are very competitive and we are always happy to provide quotes detailed to your specific circumstances. 


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