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End User Integration

One of the underpinning philosophies of SBECS Ltd, is that any organisation is only as good as the people that work for it. All too often, upper managers become distracted or disconnected from the core workforce, their needs, the pressures on them etc.

When introducing new processes, software, equipment or services to your organisation, there needs to be thought for the end user, and how this will affect them. The biggest area of resistance to change is a workforce that having change “done to them” rather than making them an integral stakeholder. SBECS Ltd provides specialist advice in End User Integration, which may include the physical layout and design of equipment for easier ergonomic use, or the design of processes and purchasing of assets that allow staff to achieve their fullest potential.

We set up, host and manage End User Forums, gathering the requirements of your staff and then aligning those needs to your Change and Improvement programmes by working with you. This improves staff buy-in and makes the Change Programme more likely to succeed, as it will be supported by your staff, giving them a voice and giving them things that they want to be able to do their job better. Our speciality in this arena is the integration of aftermarket technology in to frontline service vehicles, including police and other emergency services, breakdown and mobile service delivery vehicles.

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